Mentoring program

The Student Mentoring Program is a special volunteer program that provides individual support for students who might benefit from one-to-one time with a caring volunteer.

Volunteers, in partnership with teachers, help individual students of all ages in areas of special interest or need.

Children can join the program through a referral from their teacher or the Learning Support team member or through a request from the parent or the child him/herself.

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What does Student Mentoring do?

It provides social/emotional support and is primarily a buddy system. It provides translation in the student’s mother tongue for new students to help them understand the classroom routine and to introduce projects.

A mentor might provide some minor academic support in the areas of handwriting, reading, math, project research, or extension work that has been provided by the classroom teacher.

Student Referral

The teacher completes the online referral form which is submitted to the Mentoring Coordinator, giving specific details of the student’s needs. A Parent Permission Form must be signed by the parent before a volunteer will be placed.

If you are a parent and would like to volunteer to be a Student Mentor, or volunteer to help at the school in another capacity, please contact the dean of students.

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