Our STEAM Education

we are committed to the belief that every student is a Very Important Person; and the quality of every student’s present and future can be greatly enhanced by the quality of his or her education.

As educators, welcoming every student to the banquet of lifelong learning is our most essential duty. Every student is entitled to feel a sense of welcome and belonging in his or her school community, an acknowledgement that he or she is a Very Important Person there.

This is the student-centered organizing principle of everything we do here. This focus on every student’s success – and especially on every student’s sense of belonging – informs the decisions of our whole school community, inviting and encouraging students, teachers, parents, board members, and other community members to work together in support of that goal.

Our Professional Team

School Leadership

STEAM Education is committed to providing quality instruction by placing an effective teacher in front of every child, an effective Principal at every school, and effective staff in all roles across the entire organization.

Our principals have an exceptional track record, focusing on outstanding results, happy teachers, successful students and involved parents.

Teaching Faculty

All our teachers will be  highly qualified and have a high level of professional experience that is imperative to maintain the high standards of education of our students.

At American International School, we believe that an open two-way communication between home and school, teachers and students, is a vital tool for learning and understanding.


Student Support Team

Our Support team is to ensure that all students receive an equal education and the support they need to achieve their goals.

Our Learning Support Team comprises teachers with a range of expertise who work closely with classroom teachers. A variety of strategies are used to best meet the learning needs of all students.

STEAM International Schools

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